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Mask with filter pocket
Vintage Indigo dyed fabric

$ 35.00

** Quantities available will be updated daily until fabric is finished. Sold out of your size?  Email me. **

All of my studio sewing machines are set to sew leather, so I've broken out my home sewing machine to sew up these masks.  Each mask is made from fabric collected over time and found throughout the studio. 

Masks are made from a mix of fabrics.  The top layer of this mask is made from a vintage indigo dyed fabric.  It is over dyed and color may bleed.  I've pre-washed but some excess indigo may remain. There is a light blue stripe on one side of the mask.  The lining of this mask is made from blank napkins that were used to show folding techniques in shibori workshops or from cotton muslin. 

I am including a precut filter made from an AC/Heater filter.  This has a rating of MERV 13.  Feel free to replace with your own filter.

The elastic behind the ears can be removed or you can change the length to shorten by tying another knot. 

I have pre-washed the fabrics, but please wash before wearing.  You can machine wash or hand wash and lay flat to dry.   

Items are being made and will ship in 4-7 days. All sales are final.

General sizes at center seam:
Small - 6"
Medium - 7"
Large -  8" 

Remember when measuring the shape allows room for you to talk without the fabric right against your mouth. :)

Any other questions?  Feel free to email me at moo@shopmoo-young.com

Stay safe.

*** These are home made masks.  I do not claim that they will protect you from any viruses or airborne particles.  I am not a health professional or scientist. I do not make any medical claims.  I am simply an artist. ***