DIY Sneaker Workshop

DIY Sneaker Workshop

Sneaker Workshop: SneakerKit x Fieldtrip Society x MOO-YOUNG

Last month we ran a trial sneaker workshop with soles provided by Dutch designer Roderick Pieter’s SneakerKit, organization courtesy of Field Trip Society, and leather and instruction by Francine.

The 5-hour workshop took place in one of Capitol Hill’s hidden gem event spaces, 10 Degrees. With 8 attendees, some stitch-savvy and some unfamiliar with the needle, we weren’t quite sure what to expect. As the day progressed and sneakers started unveiling themselves, from high-tops to low-tops, some with yellow laces and some with green shibori leather, we realized we were on to something special. 

The custom sneakers that came out of the workshop were not only stunning but completely one of a kind and personal. 

After taking part in the workshop, students were able to purchase additional soles and leather and go off into the world and make their own sneakers, solo. 

If you find yourself eyeing someone’s super sweet kicks on the Hill, don’t be jealous, we're doing more sneaker workshops



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