How Color Saved Me

How Color Saved Me

Do you remember a time when you felt utterly defeated? It seems like yesterday when I found myself feeling this way. I felt my my self confidence slipping away. What would you do? I went shopping. I didn't know what I was looking for, I just knew that I wanted something. 

I was currently living in Seattle.  It was the middle of rainy season.  Months of rain and cold temperatures; not quite cold enough to get that white fluffy snow.  It was ice cold rain.  Like most pacific northwesters, I wore my rain boots, heavy parka, scarves, gloves, and everything seemed to be in shades of black, grey and forest green.  I didn't realize how much color I was missing from my days and how that was affecting my mood.  It wasn't so much the grey skies, it was my grey dressing!

leather bracelets on display bar.

I wanted to feel bright, I wanted to feel happiness, and I wanted to change my mood without investing in a new outfit. So I moved from the clothing racks to the jewelry stands.  I kept going back to those colorful garments that just seemed impractical.  I'd buy a pretty top and what? I'd wear it every other day? Okay, so I buy a few tops and colorful garments? Um, living on a budget this was not feasible.  So back to the costume jewelry.  Where was the color? 

Empty handed, I went home and started playing with scraps of leather I had collected over time. A few weeks later my daily making ended up being the same Skinny Bangles that I make today.

These simple stackable leather bangle bracelets, gave me that pop of color that I so wanted. They allowed me to add multiple colors to my wardrobe without braking the bank. They let me. wear the seasons's "it" color without wondering if it was the right shade for my complexion. Let's face it, sometimes the "it" color just doesn't suite us from head to toe.

As I wore these colorful Skinny Bangles, I noticed my mood begin to change.  I noticed other women looking at my bracelets.  And soon, I started getting requests for some of those pop colors.  I began making and selling to my neighbors and their friends.  The requests kept coming.  So in early spring that year, I went to the farmer's market to test the demand. Wow! Blown away! For 4 hours I had a steady stream of people wanting.  I felt like I had found my calling.   

These Skinny Bangles have changed my life. They bring me happiness and confidence.  Whenever I look down and see these colorful, lightweight leather bracelets, I smile.  I can't help but to play with them and watch them slide up and down my wrist.  In some way, they have taken the place of the worry stone in my pocket or the string around my finger. The free movement and splash of color brings me joy and happiness and I wish the same for you. 



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