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Pink leather Skinny Bangles made by Seattle artist Moo-Young photographed on a white background with a crystal filter creating a fairy tale like image. Leather bracelets have gold beads and create a lovely circle.

Intentionalist Discovers MOO-YOUNG

Intentionalist Discovers MOO-YOUNG

Imagine if every time you set out to go shopping you had a map of all the locally owned businesses? Or minority owned businesses? Or LGBTQ owned businesses? Imagine no more, there’s a new kid on the Hill and they’re here with intention. The Intentionalist—literally, an intentional list—is a Capitol Hill start-up that was founded in 2017 by CEO Laura Clise. The Intentionalist provides all the resources you need to be a discerning shopper, hence “enabling a more inclusive, intentional economy”.

As a woman and minority owned business in the heart of Capitol Hill, MOO-YOUNG sparked the interest of the Intentionalist team. We sat down with them in our Concept Shop at Chophouse Row few weeks ago to talk about how MOO-YOUNG got its start, and what it means to be a maker.

You can catch the full story here!