Meet the Maker: Interview with Francine Moo-Young

Meet the Maker: Interview with Francine Moo-Young

Between opening a new store, shibori dyeing leather, and tending to her dog Lola, Francine Moo-Young hardly has a second to spare. I was lucky enough, however, to sit down with her in a moment of (almost) stillness at the shop to ask her some very important questions such as, "where do you go for comfort food?"

What is your perfect day?

My perfect day is in my studio, working. No phone calls and no computer... Just doing what I love, making. 

What was your favorite job you ever had?

Disney World in Florida when I was 15. I worked in the kitchen, which I initially hated, but at the end of the night before we went home, all the staff would have a giant food fight! There was this industrial sized firehose and we'd just hose down the mess after. The best part about it was that we'd hand in our uniform all wet and covered in food and then we'd get a clean, fresh new one the next morning. Looking back on the job now I can't help but think how ignorance really is bliss!

How has the Seattle weather influenced you? 

I wear layers on layers on layers! Also my scarves have gotten bigger...When I first moved here, I realized my California cottons wouldn't suffice and I needed something warmer and more durable. I don't know if I would be doing what I'm doing if it weren't for the Seattle weather.

Where do you go for comfort food?

La Spiga for a big bowl of pasta or Pettirosso for their grilled cheese and tomato soup. I live very close to both of these restaurants and know the owners and most of the employees. It's also very important to me to support local and female owned businesses and I love the dynamic duo behind La Spiga, Sabrina and Pietro and the sisters Yuki and Miki behind Pettirosso.

What's your favorite article of clothing? 

My Neil Diamond shirts, no question. 

What's your favorite movie? 

I use to say the Wizard of Oz or Sound of Music. I like Moulin rouge when I'm feeling sappy. Right now I'm more into T.V. series. I love Peaky Blinders and Vikings. I get so excited when I see Floki's outfit! I'm always pausing the show to inspect his leather attire. The costumes and visuals are super inspiring. 


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