New to the Shop:
Belle Fleur

New to the Shop: <br>Belle Fleur

New to the shop this week are diffusers from NYC luxury fragrance house, Belle Fleur. The one-of-a-kind scents, which have been praised by power couple, Beyoncé and Jay Z, are made with the belief that the scent we wear in our home should be as sophisticated as the scent we wear on our body.

Belle Fleur bridges the gap between art and perfumery, projecting a philosophy that “centers around the beauty of fragrance and what it can bring to the spaces we inhabit- a beauty that can only exist when the narrative and the raw materials tell the story together.”

We first heard about Belle Fleur a few years ago at TRANOÏ and were intrigued not only by their lush scents but also by the narrative behind them. The story goes like this: before there was perfume, there were tanneries. As a leather worker, naturally I was intrigued.

One of Belle Fleur’s raw materials suppliers operates out of an old tannery in Grasse, France, the perfume capitol of the world. 180 years ago, before scouring the earth for Madagascan vanilla and Haitian vetiver, they were tanning animal hides to turn into leather boots and gloves. As you can imagine, tanning animal hides is no olfactory delight. In turn, the tannery started extracting oils from rose and other natural materials to masque the smell, and voilà! The fragrance capital of the world was born out of the trenches of leather factories.

Come smell for yourself. Mayan Tuberose, Bergamot Cedar and Rose Immortelle diffusers available in the Concept Shop.

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