Most of the artists we’ve exhibited in the MOO-YOUNG Concept shop for art walk have been affiliated with the Capitol Hill community in some way or another. Whether living, working or simply frequenting the area, there’s a sense of camaraderie that Capitol Hill and more specifically, Chophouse Row, breeds that’s rare to find in a city.

The idea to have SPACEFILLER in our shop first started percolating at a rainy art walk in April when Alex Nagy, half of the equation behind the duo that makes up SPACEFILLER, stumbled into the MOO-YOUNG Concept Shop. I’d heard about his and Alex Miller’s project through mutual friends and quickly latched onto the idea of getting their interactive projection mappings into the shop.

SPACEFILLER, the moniker for Alex and Alex’s collaboration, challenges inherent ideas of art with their fusion of music, programming and math.

At first we were skeptical if it any of it would work in our shop. We’re tempering with a space that’s 300 square feet with bright lights and floor to ceiling windows— not exactly ideal for large scale installation art that requires low light to host projections.

Yet, here we are! Three months after our initial meeting, after trial runs and meetings, our tiny boutique, nestled into the interior of Chophouse Row, will be exhibiting the work of Alex Nagy and Alex Miller for Capitol Hill Art Walk on July 12th.

We will also be launching our leather sneaker line, accompanied by a leather wall (you’ll just have to come and see!) with the help of SPACEFILLER. Come by on Thursday, July 12th, for an interactive night of shibori leather, sneakers, lights, music, and ART.

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