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Pink leather Skinny Bangles made by Seattle artist Moo-Young photographed on a white background with a crystal filter creating a fairy tale like image. Leather bracelets have gold beads and create a lovely circle.

SPACEFILLER Installation Process: Part 1

SPACEFILLER Installation Process: Part 1

For the past three months, Alex Nagy and Alex Miler of SPACEFILLER have been visiting the MOO-YOUNG Shop to test their installation piece for July art walk. What started as a concept has now forged its way into a 2' x 4' topographic sneaker sculpture. 

First step was installing the projector. From there the Alex and Alex used a CNC router (like a laser cutter only bigger!) to create the physical aspect of the sculpture. Next came a series of tests in the shop to map out the projection. 


 Come experience the brilliance that is SPACEFILLER for yourself on July 12th in the Concept Shop.